Who is PBQ?


Presbyqueerian is a project of Alex Patchin McNeill, whose driving passion is working for queer and transgender inclusion in sacred spaces, and fundraising for progressive social causes. Alex earned his Master’s of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School with scholarship on the intersection of religion, gender, sexuality, and reproductive rights.  He has been writing, organizing, training, and preaching for LGBT equality for the past nine years. For four years, he served as the development director at a reproductive justice organization where he honed his skills in foundation and individual fundraising.  He will continue to speak, organize, and fundraise for queer religious issues until all faithful LGBT individuals can call a church home.

This blog is a place where feminism, gender theory, and irrevrent spirituality come to play.


2 thoughts on “Who is PBQ?

  1. post-Hoke says:


    I wanted to message you because I really enjoyed reading your blog (which I came across after hearing the term “Presbyqueerian” in church and was trying to find a t-shirt…). Anyhow, not sure if you are planning to continue writing, but I hope you do. I’m a 2nd year MDiv (not seeking ordination, but firmly Presbyterian) studying New Testament with heavy emphasis on feminism and gender theory.
    Your blog finally inspired me to do what I’ve been trying to motivate myself to do for year–actually start writing a blog to address my thoughts on feminism, queer theory/theology, gender studies, and the Bible. Anyway, I wanted to send it on to you in since you inspired it. http://questioningcertainty.blogspot.com

    If you continue to write, I’d love to find a way to add a link to your blog on my own.


    • presbyqueerian says:

      So glad you found the blog and are a fellow presbyqueerian! I am so glad you too got to start a blog on your thoughts. I look forward to keeping up with it. You are welcome to link to my blog in yours and I will be getting back to regular blogging going forward. Where are you in div school?

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